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Thank you for visiting the orthodontic web site of Dr. Rick Neilson. Our orthodontist and talented staff work hard to bring beautiful smiles to Henderson, Nevada (NV) and surrounding areas!

Dr. Neilson recognizes that a healthy smile leads to a healthier self image and healthier you. Because of this, he specializes in orthodontics for children and adults and provides multiple treatment options.

Use this website to learn more about your orthodontic treatment options including braces for children, adult orthodontics, traditional metal braces, Clarity™ braces and Invisalign®. We also offer Silent Nite Snore Guards; an anti-snoring device which is an affordable and comfortable, dentist-prescribed product for a more restful night’s sleep.

For a straight smile, talk to our orthodontist about braces and rest assured that Dr. Neilson will leave you with so much to smile for!